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Aimed at retail traders and aspiring retail traders, this professional course is made up of 28 videos specifically dealing with US listed Stock Options. Your professional masterclass free download includes all 28 videos, and is the number one tried, tested and proven way to help you become a professional options trader.

The series covers such topics as:

  • Defining a Mandate                            

  • Marginal Benefits for Options Trading

  • Long Call and Put Options                 

  • Naked Short Puts and Calls              

  • Covered Calls                                    

  • Ratio Spreads                                   

  • Ladders and Strangles                     

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Videos 1 & 2

Defining the Mandate

The first two videos of your free download of the professional options trading masterclass deals with the basis of options trading - defining your mandate.

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Video 3

Filtering Options Trading Strategies for Usefulness

Does exactly what it says on the tin...

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Videos 4 & 5

Marginal Benefits of Options Trading

These two videos discuss the marginal benefits in options trading. Video 4 deals with the advantages, while video 5 deals with the disadvantages.

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Video 6

Long Call and Put Options

This video of your free download of the Professional Options Trading Masterclass formalizes the long call and put options.

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Videos 7 & 8

Naked Short Puts and Calls

Video 7 discusses everything you need to know regarding Naked Short Puts, while video 8 deals with Naked Short Calls

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Videos 9 & 10

Covered Calls

As part of your Professional Options Trading Masterclass Free Download, video 9 explains about covered calls, and video 10 introduces the covered call collar.

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Videos 11, 12 & 13

Index Options and Spreads

Video 11 is all about index options and portfolio hedging methods while videos 12 and 13 both cover option spreads.

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Videos 14 & 15

Markers and Recap

The first of these videos covers market markers, volatility and Greeks. The second is a recap of everything in the previous 14 videos of the professional options trading masterclass.

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Videos 16 & 17

Ratio Spreads

Both of these videos offer extensive insight into Ratio Spreads in terms of Options Trading.

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Videos 18,19, 20 & 21

Ladder Spreads and Volatility

The first two of these delve into Ladder Spreads, while the second two videos provides a masterclass in volatility in Options Trading.

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Videos 22,23,24,25,26 & 27

Straddles and Strangles

This series of videos deals with these integral elements of options trading. Videos 22 and 23 deal with long straddles and long strangles respectively; 24 and 25 with strap saddles and strip saddles and 26 and 27 with strap strangles and strip strangles.

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Video 28

Recap and Preparation

In the final video of this Professional Options Trading Masterclass, Anton provides a recap of everything covered in the course as well goes over what you need to do in order to prepare for the examination.

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